Gifts for SUP Lovers

The Christmas season is upon us and you’ve got that one friend that DOES everything and is somehow impossible to purchase for. How do you even begin to shop for them..

Lucky for you we’ve got all the answers.


The first question to ask yourself is…  Do they like to SUP?


If the answer is yes, read below.. if you answered no.. skip this section and go to the next question.

So you answered yes, your friend is a sup lover.



Good. That means we’ve got all you need from $15 to whatever your budget works for.

Lets start at the basics.



Do they have a paddle board? If yes, well then you can’t get them that.


But.. if they have an inflatable you can get them a triple action pump, and we promise you they will thank you forever for this.


If you answered no.


Then let’s look at the inflatable and hardboard specials we are hosting right now.

A retro inflatable board usually goes for $799, but right now we have it $200 OFF and free shipping. Meaning you can get an awesome inflatable with a pump, and a stylish backpack to carry it in for only $599. That’s a killer deal.


If they are more of a hardboard lover (That’s okay we are too) Then we’ve got our Retro 2018 model on sale for only $650 instead of the MSRP of $999. THATS AN EVEN BETTER DEAL. Also, with this deal you know you have just purchased the most durable paddle board on the planet, and it’s also eco friendly. That’a a win all the way around.



Now let’s say your friend already has a paddle board… or they aren’t “that good” of a friend to spend that much on … what are some other ideas they might love as much as they love SUP.





Let’s look at the Coiled leashes that are currently 50% off. Yup. That means you can get them an awesome leash for their adventures for only $15. That’s better than any white elephant game and they will never know you got it on sale


Adjustable paddles are always a must as well. You never know who they are paddling with.. so adjustable makes a difference. You also want to make sure that their paddles float.. because let’s be honest.. people fall off and let go of paddles, and you should need to buy a leash for you, your board, and your paddle. Right now you can grab one of these paddles for a $50 discount.




If you answered “No my friend doesn’t like SUP”




Then let’s ask this follow up question… Are they into fitness, workouts or a healthy lifestyle?


If you answered yes… GOOD!


We’ve got the perfect gift.

Yes, you heard us right. The perfect gift. Have you heard of our GlideFit Terra board? Well if you haven’t you are about to. This is the land version of our Fit board. It utilizes a bottom inflatable chamber to mimic the instability of water without the need for a pool. It’s PERFECT for personal use, and the best way to work out your entire body.

You know those times when you try a new sport and you are sore in places you didn’t know existed? That’s what this does to you every time. Everything is all included as well.

To top it off.. it’s 50% off right now! Meaning you get this full at home gym for only $199 with free shipping. Yup your friend will love you.




If you answered “No my friend doesn’t like SUP and doesn’t like fitness”



Maybe get new friends.