Going With the Flow


It’s naturally against our programming to submit and “go with the flow” It actually takes time, and dedication to change our mindsets to relax to that point. We tend to be so structured from such a young age that by the time we hit “adulthood” it’s engrained in us. Many of us seek out yoga to work on our minds, and souls. We seek ways to meditate and de-stress from the world around us. I sought out Yoga, and then SUP Yoga sought out me.


Let’s start at the beginning. Finding my personal flow in my yoga practice was a long time struggle for me. It struggled just submitting and allowing my body to move and flow as it needed. It’s like I was always focusing more on unlocking the next level that I was stunting my “yoga growth”


It wasn’t until I felt like my whole world was crumbling that I finally starting feeling it. When I need a place to heal I seek out water. Whether it’s the ocean, a river, or a lake, I find water to help heal my heart. There I was sitting in the middle of a lake with my Glide Lotus board laying down and soaking in the sun when I closed my eyes. Pretty quick I woke up looked around and realized that that lake had taken me farther from shore. For an instant I panicked, then I remembered I had a paddle, and it wasn’t that big of a lake.


Instead, I took a deep breath and got into down-dog.


I moved, explored the surface, let me heart open itself to the flow in the water and the flow in me. My body danced in ways that I felt I needed to. There was no structure or guided movement. Just “going with the flow”


When my practice finished I felt a new sense of freshness wash over me. There a magic about taking your practice on the water, it gives you that extra sense of nature and nurture. I would recommend SUP yoga to anyone looking to gain a new perspective or find a different type of peace in your life.


Make sure to check out www.glidesup.com to find SUP Yoga in your area.