Life is Simple... Just Add Water

By Ambassador Allyson Lynch 


I've always felt drawn to the water, I sometimes take the long way home just so I can drive along the water or I find a way to take my daily run where I can get a view of a lake or the ocean. I guess this makes sense since 70% of our bodies are made up of water...So when I found stand up paddle boarding I instantly felt like I was where I was supposed to be. We all have that something that makes us feel at home. For me, home was standing on a board. I was lucky enough to grow up so close to multiple different lakes with plenty of opportunities to paddle. I went ahead and bought myself a board on a wimb, purchased some straps from Amazon for my little Toyota Corolla and I was set! Then I realized I had no idea how to maneuver this 12 ft long board onto the top of my tiny car... Thank god for YouTube tutorials because I managed to figure out how to install a fin and strap the board down to my car on my own, thankfully without any dents or breaking any windows!

I remember one of the first times I went out paddling with my new board, I was so excited, I woke up at 6 am and headed to one of my favorite spots on the lake just so I could have the water all to myself. It was like gliding across glass, so peaceful. Being as excited as I was I didn't consider the 40 degree chill that morning and didn't realize my toes would go numb standing barefoot. I let my toes turn blue that morning as I stood alone paddling, enjoying the rare silence and watching the sunrise.


It wasn’t long after purchasing my first paddle board I got a job at an aquatic center so I could paddle even more. It was also during this time I became so immersed in everything SUP that while I was scrolling through Instagram I discovered a photo of a girl doing a headstand on a paddle board. I had no idea that this photo would snowball into a career. Fast forward...a year later I enrolled in an SUP Yoga teacher training in Los Angeles with the same girl I had seen doing a headstand. Teacher training gave me the skills and the knowledge to expand upon my passion for this new and growing industry.

 I personally have grown and learned a lot since those first days where I would freeze my toes off but SUP Yoga has helped me heal from heartbreak and brought me more fulfillment and joy than I could have ever imagined.

Life really is just better when you add water!


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