SKATE, SUP, SURF, and STOKE with Glide Ambassador, Kien Lieu!

Kien Lieu has influenced the world of skateboarding beyond comprehension for over 3 decades. His style and pop are un-matchable. As a SUP surfer he is bringing his same smoothness and style to the water. Beyond his seemingly effortless skills, he is an amazing human bringing inspiration, stoke and beauty to our planet.



Kien ripping a beautiful San Diego set.
AJ: How did you get into SUP?
KL: My first encounter with Stand Up Paddling was from seeing people cruising around Mission Bay in my Home Town of San Diego. I spent many years skating the boardwalk of Mission Beach to Pacific Beach and noticed people paddling around the bay, it looked fun so I decided to rent one and was instantly hooked.

AJ: How has your skateboarding affected your SUP/surfing? Do you find any cross-over?

KL: Skateboarding and Sup/Surfing to me, go hand in hand. They both require core balance and the ability to read and ride the given terrain in front of them. Sup'ing is like Skating the Ocean and vice versa.


                                                  Bank kickflip fakie with some serious hang time.

AJ: What is your favorite style of paddling?

KL: My favorite form of paddling is Sup/Surfing and just cruising different bodies of water.

AJ: How has paddling affected your life?

KL: Stand up Paddling has changed my life, by giving me the means to constantly have fun on a board and condition my body way into my elder years.


                                                                 Kien post session in San Diego.

AJ: What are a few details you like about Glide SUPs?

KL: My favorite things about Glide SUP's are the fact that they are indestructible and are backed by people who have passion for Fun and Positivity.


AJ: How is it being a Glide SUP ambassador?

KL: I feel Honored to Represent Glide, as it has supported and led me to experience all the different body waters of the world.


                                                   Ollie over motorcycle...SERIOUS POP!!!

AJ: You are still ripping hard on your skateboard, SUP, musically and just ruling at life in general, what is your secret to maintaining your skills? How do you stay so stoked?

 KL: The Secret to my Stoke on Life is simple, Have a Love of Nature and the feeling of Experiencing of Her World.

AJ: Top 5 apre SUP eats?

KL: The Diet for my SUP adventures, Hawaiian Bread and Coconut Water.


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