Why Glide is my Tribe


v. To move smoothly, continuously and effortlessly



n. Friends that have been together for a decade or a day, but are loyal, loving, honest and fun-loving. A group that would do anything for each other, at any time. The Tribe is made of people that you expect to grow old together with, and share amazing experiences.

Whether you're pivot turning, paddling intervals, or popping yoga poses like peacock, Glide boards are the way to go. Their ultra durable and eco-friendly boards glide smoothly, plus they’re handcrafted in the USA; something no other American Paddle board company can claim.

I was introduced to Glide boards five years ago, as a SUP Yoga Instructor in the northern Rocky Mountain region. One morning I was unlocking the boathouse as the sun lit up the lake with hues of orange and yellow. I saw stacks of bright boards like the colors of the sunrise in a trailer marked “Glide SUP”. I messaged the boathouse manager and quickly learned that the company had generously suggested we try them out for our busiest week to supplement our limited rental supply. I immediately thought, that’s a company, a group that’s willing to go to any length! After paddling a Glide Lotus board that same morning, and teaching 12 SUP Yogis, also on Lotus boards; the love for Glide was unanimous.


Like any heartthrob hoping for the long haul, I googled my new love (Glide Lotus). I learned that the beauty of the board (and all their boards) was more than surface deep. Glide’s loyalty to protecting water means they refuse to use highly toxic polyester resins that are a low cost option in most board construction. Instead, they’re committed to using 100% non-toxic entropy bio resins, which help to reduce their carbon footprint and keep employees, waterways and customers safe.


Fast forward five years: I contacted Glide to obtain some information for a Rec Center interested in SUP Yoga and Fitness classes in their pools. It took me a few emails to realize I was corresponding with none other than the Managing Partner who treated me like we’d been friends for a decade. In an industry whose growth is faster than any other outdoor recreational sport in the United States, this type of loyal, honest, and smooth business practice stands out. As do their products that are constructed with durability, and a love for the waters and the people who paddle them. Glide is unquestionably my tribe!



Written by ambassador Lisa Fierer


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