3 Yoga Poses to Cool Down During SUP Yoga

We don't know about you, but this summer has been DANG hot. 

And while SUP Yoga is awesome, it can also lead to a bit of overheating at times, so here are a couple of ideas to cool the F off while the summer sun is blaring down on you. 


1) Child's Pose 

When the sun has been beating down and your face needs a break, there's nothing quite like the relaxing movement of the child's pose. 

This, in general, is a cooling pose, but here's a little tip, while in child's pose slide your hands to the edge and dip your fingers into the water. Nothing cools you down faster than that. 


2) Happy Baby

If you are just tired of your back being too hot, it's time to turn on your back and enjoy a little happy baby time to relax. This will give your back a break and also allow a little more natural wind flow. 

Make sure to rock and breathe.  

3) The Easy Pose 

Now is the time to focus on your breath, and the end of the class. Take a moment in the easy pose. While on the water this pose will help you breathe in more oxygen which in turn will help to cool you down. You can also dip your hands into the water and bring the water to your person while sitting. 



If all else fails, just jump in the water. That always helps! 


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