Glide offers a limited warranty for each Retail designated board that the original retail buyer purchases from an authorized Glide dealer for 1 year for defects in materials and workmanship. Boards used for commercial use do not carry a warranty (i.e. Rental Boards). Products should be inspected by Dealer upon receipt from Glide (and prior to signing any documentation from freight carrier as shipping damage is the Freight Company’s responsibility) and prior to purchase by consumer to confirm that no defects exist at the time of purchase and receipt. Proof of purchase from a Glide authorized Dealer must accompany all warranty claims. Dealer is to contact Glide if there are any questions or if they believe a warranty replacement is required (subject to exclusions and application of terms herein). Glide will confirm all warranty claims before final approval and processing.

Glide’s Limited Warranty excludes the following:
  • Wear and tear from regular use
  • Cosmetic Blemishes
  • Damage due to improper storage, handling, or transportation of the Products. Including damage from strapping boards to roof racks
  • Punctures
  • Damage due to Products being exposed to excessive temperatures, including sunlight, storage in your vehicle, or storage in a board bag etc.
  • Unreasonable and/or improper use
  • Damage caused from use on whitewater, surfing, or user falling on the board
  • Traction pad becoming unglued, or bubbles under the traction pad.
  • Warranty claims must be reported and claimed within 14 days of said defect/damage.

If Product is covered under Glide’s warranty, all warranty claims are done through an authorized Glide Dealer. Glide will cover the shipping and replacement costs of the new Product. The warranty Product could be a different color or model year than the warranted Product. Glide will ship the replacement board to an authorized Glide Dealer for customer to pick up or will be shipped directly to the customer at Glide’s discretion.