30 Day GlideFit Challenge!!!

Here at Glide we are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and experiences for our customers. We are constantly testing our products and doing research and development in our strife for perfection. This is why a group of our employees are participating in a 30 day get fit with GlideFit program. Today was day 1.


Our Glide Fitness Director, Tiffany Harrison, is guiding us through the 30 day program, and monitoring our progress, and measurements. We are starting on the land to show that our GlideFit program can be used on the land as well as in the pool. As we have a wide range of ability/fitness level and ages ranging from 22-50, it is awesome to see the versatility of the GlideFit!!!

GlideFit is the most fun and intense workout I have ever done! I am thrilled to be providing our amazing customers with this product and exercise experience! We will keep you all posted on our progress. Wish us luck!!!


*We are taking bets to see if Ken and Joe are still alive after 30 days*

Check out the some of the post workout comments:

How do you feel after workout #1?

MC: I can barely shape my arms are so worked!

KD: Harder than I thought but I feel great.

JC: I was panting! Felt good though.

What goals do you have for these 30 days?

MC: 6 pack.

KD: Get in shape for surf season.

JC: To tone up and lose some flab.

What was the hardest part of the workout for you?

MC: The push-ups.

KD: The cardio (mountain climbers in between each exercise).

JC: The cardio.

Check out our AWESOME Fitness Director, Tiffany Harrison!!!

Tiffany is an athlete and unique fitness professional with over 10 years of experience and certifications in Yoga, Stand Up Paddle Yoga, Pilates, Spinning, WPA, and she is an ACE-certified personal trainer. Tiffany’s diverse background has allowed her to create programs in which her clients can excel beyond what they thought was possible. She has worked with Glide to create CardioWave, the leading program in aquatic-based stability training. Tiffany also is a triathlete, competitive mountain bike racer and fitness model.

*For more information please see: www.glidefit.com

*For requested information email: anthony.johnson@glidesup.com I would love to hear from you!

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