5 Yoga Poses for Lower Back Pain

Yoga isn't all about fancy inversions and crazy bendy poses. Yoga is about a mindful practice that brings balance back to your body. 

They say that sitting is the new smoking, and it also causes tons of lower back pain. 


So why not do a couple small stretches to change that. Here are 5 delightful and easy stretches to ease and even fix your low back pain. 

 We all know and love this one..

1) Downward Facing Down 3 x 1 minute sessions

Downward dog can serve as an antidote to all that time we spend hunched over.It helps open the chest wall and shoulders that are so often rounded over a desk. Practice often and you might be able to relieve neck and back pain associated with poor posture, and even find yourself sitting up a little straighter

5 yoga poses to help lower back pain


2) Thread the Needle 1 - 3 minutes 

If the hips are tight they pull on your lower back, and then because of this you now have tight hips and a very sore lower back. Release these by doing the thread the needle pose that helps reduce inflexibility in the hip flexors and releases tension in the lower back. 


5 yoga poses for lower back pain

Photo: Brianne Wills


3) Child's Pose 1- 3 minutes 

Child's Pose takes the pressure off your lower back by elongating and aligning the spine, which decompresses it and gives you a nice stretch. It's also an easy way to fall asleep. Try holding this from 1-3 minutes. 

Shay Riggin Photography




4) Spinx Pose 1- 3 minutes 

When we sit a lot, the lower back tends to flatten, which can cause pain. Sphinx pose promotes the natural curvature of the lower back. It helps open through your chest and combat that pain that desk sitting causes. Opening through and breathing allows a deeper relaxation. 

5 poses for lower back pain



5) Supine Twist 1- 3 minutes 

This is a wonderful stretch for the lower back, and can bring some pain relief if you're tight. For some people, though, twisting movements can irritate the lower back. If this stretch starts to hurt, stop doing it. You can also try putting a towel underneath your knees to help you ease into it if you're super tight.

Start slowly and move through it slowly, either extend the legs, or bring the knees in. Listen to what your body has to say. 

This can be done sitting up or laying on your back

5 poses for lower back pain